Behind The Landscape eBook

A Manual for Seeing, Composing and Processing Captivating Imagery

In this comprehensive eBook, I take you behind-the-scenes during the creation of sixteen of my favorite landscape images I’ve made in the past five years. For each example, I walk you through the entire process. I let you look over my shoulder as I outline the exact gear I had with me, the specific concept I had in mind, my creative approach, potential problems I faced, and how I solved them. I describe my compositional techniques, my lens choice, how I used the light, specific exposure information and any other details that went into the process of bringing the image to life. I also highlight the types of challenges that you might face when shooting a similar style of imagery. I even show you the outtakes that led up to the one final select of the series to illustrate that creating a great image is rarely a one-off activity. I feel this is one of the most valuable aspects of the entire book. Even if you didn’t read a single word, you could just look at the pictures and get a feel for how each shot developed in the scene.

At the end of each shoot, I give you my final analysis of my final image and describe the specific elements that I feel give it visual power. In addition, I give you my final thoughts, reflecting on the personal, creative or introspective journey that led to the image.

Finally, I leave you with three takeaways. These are specific tips, techniques, compositional methods and ideas that directly contributed to the success of the image. The idea is that you can identify the methods that worked worked, so that you can apply to your own photography.


Although most of the final images in the book are straight JPEGs, a few of them have been processed to give them maximum impact. For those photos, I describe the look I was going form and walk you through the steps I took in the processing stage. I also highlight the specific aspects about the scene or the image that inspired me to edit the photo in a specific way.

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